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Professor of Theology Interviewed

I have been off line for a few months. I have poured all my energy into my latest book The Second Adam. This book arises from experiences like this: a few years ago I asked my students what they would say to a non-churchgoing person if they asked a question like, “What do you Christians mean when you say that Jesus died so that your sins could be forgiven?” My students looked at me with blank stares. They knew what you are supposed to feel when you hear those words, but they could not explain what you are supposed to think. My book is an effort to help my students and others to have something intelligent and persuasive to say in this situation.

Perhaps I will blog about the book next year…

In the mean time I hope you will listen to an interview wherein my friend and former student Tim Spivey, pastor of the New Vintage Church in Escondido, CA and I enjoyed a conversation on truth, faith and contemporary culture during the teaching time at New Vintage on November 3, 2019.

Share it with those whom you think would benefit from listening to it.

Message: “A Conversation About Faith and Truth with Ron Highfield” from Tim Spivey